Ask a group of watch enthusiasts about their favourite mechanical chronograph watches and I would be shocked if I didn’t hear a few mentions of the Breitling Navitimer replica online at affordable prices.What made this watch in particular stand out so much was one of its key features – the ‘slide rule’ bezel.In fact the watched was liked so much, it became the official watch of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Over the years the Navitimer has evolved in its looks and use.This being said, both watches are an absolute delight to look at, the craftsmanship and detail in the dial, alongside the premium steel or gold casing allows you to understand why such a watch is still rate so highly after over 60 years.

Being such an impressive historical timepiece the growth in movement has likewise been impressive. The original piece in 1952 was powered by the famous Valjoux 72 movement, subsequent iterations have made use of the Venus 178 and then the automatic caliber 11.


For the Navitimer dial, best breitling replica with exacty quality makes use of a refined “épargne” process applied to a pure silver or gold base and ensuring peerless radiance and readability. Personally I prefer the the old style “B” wings on the dial, as I believe these added a level of pride to the level of classiness of the classic Navitimer watches.

All Chronograph references of the Navitimer come with a three-register Panda style contrast dial showing off its original design with a range of colour variations.The level of detail and flawless all-black dial lets me know that the hand-finished application for all parts of this reference are certainly worth it around my wrist.


The Navitimer references all come in either a steel, steel and 18k red gold or pure 18k red gold cases. The later is more expensive for obvious reasons, but does not detract from the visual appeal of this timepiece.This allows you to see the high-performance self-winding Breitling First Copy Watches Caliber 01 which is certainly mesmerising in its movements.

As mentioned earlier, all Navitimer watches come with an bi-directional ‘slide-rule’ bezel, even the base level Navitimer Automatic 38. Personally, I have no idea how to use it for working things out, but I’m sure it would be of great common use to others out there.


Apart from looking like something you would use in a futuristic control station, can the same level of detail be said for the performance of the Navitimers? As expected all the watch references are COSC-certified as standard.

The Navitimer Automatic 38 Replica Watches For Sale seems to have been designed for men with smaller wrists or women who want the look and feel of the watch but as a smaller model. The Navitimer Chronograph 41 (Steel and 18k Red Gold), is the heaviest watch in the collection weighing around 160g without the strap. The lightest and thinnest watch in contrast is the Navitimer Automatic 38 (Steel) at only 63g without the strap. On average the watches weigh between 110g to 150g.

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