Due to their similar names, near-identical style, and matching functionality, there is often some confusion surrounding the Rolex Datejust and Date replica watches. We wouldn’t blame you for confusing the two for each other either because, unless you’re examining them in person, it can be hard to tell the difference.

The Datejust is larger at 36mm in diameter while the Rolex Date is smaller at 34mm in diameter. But, the differences between both collections go much deeper than just case size.The Datejust was its five-link bracelet design, called the Jubilee bracelet. The inaugural full yellow gold Luxury Datejust Replica combined a 36mm case with a fluted bezel and a Jubilee bracelet – design elements that are still popular within the modern Datejust collection even if the lineup has flourished with a vast assortment of different metal, bezel, bracelet, and size options.

Rather than a 36mm Oyster case, the Oyster Perpetual Date Swiss Fake Watches For Sale sported a 34mm case housing a dial with a date window at 3 o’clock. Although there were a handful of other style options available such as solid gold models, the majority of early Date references were stainless steel with smooth bezels and three-link Oyster bracelets.

Rolex Datejust vs. Date Sizes

Rolex has in the past produced the Lady-Datejust and the ladies’ Date with 26mm cases, and the mid-size Datejust and mid-size Date with 31mm case sizes. However, perhaps for greater clarity between the two models, Rolex Quality Replica Watches has since discontinued the Date entirely, leaving only the Datejust and Lady-Datejust in production. Additionally, Rolex has also ceased making the Lady-Datejust 26, replacing it with the Lady-Datejust 28. Furthermore, over the course of the last decade, Rolex has also added larger options for the Datejust.

Materials And Styles

The Rolex Datejust has always offered far more metal choices and different style options compared to the Rolex Date. Although there are some vintage and discontinued Date 34 models in solid gold and two-tone steel and gold, Rolex Swiss Replica Watches simplified the choices to just two near the end of the collection’s production: full stainless steel or stainless steel with a white gold fluted bezel, both of which have 34mm cases and are fitted with Oyster bracelets. The Datejust, on the other hand, offers a dizzying array of design choices. Because of the smaller case size and limited style options, the Date is generally priced lower than the Datejust.

Datejust 36, Datejust 41 & Lady-Datejust 28

The current Datejust lineup includes 31mm, 36mm, and 41mm case size options for the men’s series and a 28mm case size for the women’s collection. The Datejust 36 and Datejust 41 are only produced in full steel or two-tone, while the Datejust 31 and Lady-Datejust 28 are available in full-steel, two-tone, or full-gold options. The lady’s range also has more bracelet options, including the Oyster, Jubilee, and President bracelets.

While the Best Place To Buy Replica Watches Datejust 36 and Datejust 41 only sport the Jubilee or Oyster bracelet. The women’s range boasts more of what one might consider the more “luxurious” style options, while the men’s collection keeps it simple. At its core, every variation of the Datejust, old or new, will feature three design elements: a waterproof Oyster case, Perpetual movement with automatic winding, and the jump date mechanism at 3 o’clock.

The Datejust and Date have always featured identical functions – a self-winding time and date movement with an instantaneously changing date display. Additionally, the two watches have often run on the same calibers as well with both switching to quickset date movements in the late 1970s.

However, today the current-production Datejust 36 and Datejust 41 Copy Watches Online are powered by the latest generation Caliber 3235 movement with a 70-hour power reserve, while the Date 34 ended its production with the previous generation Caliber 3135 with a 48-hour power reserve.Overall, the Rolex Date is the smaller and simpler version of the Rolex Datejust with fewer options available from the factory but offering near-identical functionality.

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