Luxury Longines Replica Watch has introduced a pair of new dials for the full-size Legend Diver stainless steel watch-blue or brown with a smoky finish.

Its best feature is the inner rotating bezel adjusted by the second crown, which immediately distinguishes it from the typical dive watch that usually has a bulky outer bezel.

The Best replica watches sites to buy From USA smoky dial gives the watch a youthful and modern feel. Blue is the most eye-catching, although I personally prefer a warm nostalgic brown dial that is reminiscent of a “tropical” dial.

Longines remakes are almost common, this is the date window. There is no doubt that this is a practical function, and the date comes at the expense of dial symmetry. It will only hinder the design.

The novelty of the new Legend Diver is the smoked dial, which was first introduced in 2019 on the “Tropical” 36mm Exact replica watches. But this color only received real attention when it was installed in the 42mm bronze version.

The details on the blue dial are obviously retro, and the cream-colored markings are reminiscent of aging radium materials. But the cream marker is not an artificial patina, it’s probably just because the Replica Watches China color works well on blue. It adds a bit of warmth to the dial and avoids the cold appearance of pure white hour markers. In other words, the combination of blue and cream is obviously a modern design.

Blue is very modern, while the brown dial is the opposite. It resembles a faded “tropical” dial, with some vintage examples found.

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