The new Exact Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow Replica focuses on the multi-color gem setting that covers most of the case and bracelet.

In order to imitate the seven basic colors of the rainbow, Hublot uses seven different gems: ruby ​​represents bright red, pink sapphire represents purple, amethyst represents ultraviolet light, topaz represents blue, and yellow sapphire. For lemon yellow and orange sapphire for bright orange.

In total, Hublot Replica watches China used at least 484 baguette-cut gems to decorate the exterior elements of the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow, weighing nearly 36 carats.

The picture above shows two variants of this watch that will be produced, distinguished by the precious metal used to make the case: platinum or king gold. The size, diameter, 43 mm, setting method, quantity and type of gemstones are the same for both versions.

For this Rainbow version, Hublot Replica watches Next Day Delivery chose the most sophisticated mechanical version of Integral Big Bang; the tourbillon. In addition, it is a completely skeletonized mechanism, so that we can almost define it as “mysterious” because we can hardly see any visible bridges.

Among them, we have appreciated the apparent buoyancy of its movement HUB6035, which is the same as the movement equipped with this Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow 1:1 replica watch. Like any “mysterious” watch, the key to its buoyancy is that its bridge is made of transparent sapphire crystal.

There are only two Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow; one is a white gold case and the other is a king gold case.

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