Hublot Big Bang Integral Replica is the first Big Bang product that truly integrates a bracelet, but this is certainly not the first Big Bang watch to be worn on a bracelet. Hublot has introduced three new versions of Big Bang Points, using a new ceramic color. These colors include white, gray and blue ceramics.

The water resistance of the case is 100 meters, which is quite good for ceramic replica watches. HUB1280 has the same 4Hz operating frequency and 72-hour power reserve as the “first generation” UNICO movement, but it does have many new parts. The upgrade of the movement makes it more reliable, easier to repair, more visually attractive, thinner and more efficient.

The 60-minute chronograph has a flyback function and is also operated by a column wheel transmission. Most of the dials of the Big Bang Integral copy watch have been opened and the movement is clearly visible. The application of large-scale application time scales and matching hands helps these timepieces maintain a very clear, sporty appeal.

Compared with the standard Big Bang case, the Big Bang Integral has some other different parts besides the appearance of the lugs and the connection with the bracelet. These include new chronograph buttons, dial and aesthetic decoration of the case. Although at first glance, the case looks like a Big Bang 42, with a Gerald Genta-style tapered bracelet design.

Hublot equipped the 2021 Big Bang Integral fake watch with white, blue and gray ceramic colors, which provide it with great protection. These and black are probably the most conservative choices. However, despite the increasing popularity of white ceramic watches on bracelets, gray and blue are rare colors in ceramic watches.

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