Luxury Replica Hublot Introduces Hublot MECA-10 Table Clock

In January 2016, Luxury Replica Hublot unveiled its MECA-10 movement to much praise, having reinvented the manual movement and offering a smooth movement inspired by the Meccano construction system. Ever since, the MECA-10 has been highly lauded and considered one of the brand’s iconic movements.

The Swiss Fake Watch table clock retains its original specifications, including its 10-day power reserve, but it is now on an even larger scale, and even more impressive to the eye as it rests boldly and powerfully on the table.

The clock is housed in a spacious 19.60 by 18.10 cm case, available in two versions: one with Meccano-inspired angles and a ring in polished satin-finished steel, and the Replica Watches second covered with black PVD and black coating for the bridges and supporting gear trains.

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