Sometimes, the most common colors used in Luxury Replica watches can have a very strong effect. This is the case with the two new Defy models that Zenith just launched. Both Defy Classic and Defy 21 are made in black and white and look more expressive than ever.

Swiss Fake Zenith achieved this goal by equipping the two watches with black ceramic cases and micro-sandblasting the cases to give them a matte effect. To increase contrast, the bezel is made of white ceramic. Both Replica Watches have a hollow dial with white details on the dial and a black dial. This makes the watch very technical and modern. Black and white themes are also incorporated into the strap.

Its bottom is made of black rubber, and the white rubber on the top has a Cordura texture. The Zenith Replica Watch strap is equipped with a comfortable titanium alloy double folding clasp, and is coated with black DLC to maintain the theme. Zenith also provides additional black rubber straps for these two models for replacement when needed.

The hollow dial is decorated with a star pattern as a reference for the Zenith logo. Defy 21 Black and White are not only larger in diameter, 44mm in diameter, but also equipped with Fake Zenith‘s legendary El Primero 9004 movement.

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