Seiko Replica Introduces the Presage Arita Porcelain Dial “Suigetsu”

Having gained a big following for its tremendous value proposition, the Luxury Replica Seiko Presage collection often features dials in artisanal finishes such as fired enamel and urushi, combined with solid movements and affordable prices. The latest to join the collection is the Presage Arita Porcelain Dial “Suigetsu”, which has a pure-white porcelain dial matched with dark blue hands and markers.

The colours of the Luxury Replica Watch take inspiration from Suigetsu– literally as “water moon” – which describes a subtle, ethereal beauty that might be an illusion.

Because of the 6R27 movement used in the Presage, the dial layout is peculiar, with a date sub-dial at six and a power reserve indicator at nine. The presence of the power reserve indicator bugs me; it has no visual counterweight and thus throws off the balance of the dial.

Named after the town where porcelain was first made in Japan, Arita porcelain dials were introduced in the Replica Watch last year, also in white with blue hands.

Known as Hakuji, the glazed, stark-white porcelain dial is meant to evoke the moon reflected on water, and leaves the blue hands and markings even more striking and vivid. The look is crisp and pleasing.