Moving into another year is always something, but entering an entirely new decade seems to come with even higher expectations. The last decade was a turbulent one, with rapid innovations of which one, the smartwatch, was accompanied by a potential cloud of doom for the traditional Luxury Replica Watch industry.

While there was a time that Fake Watches couldn’t be big or bulky enough, this trend too seems to be on its way back. Even Panerai, for which large watches where such an integrated part of their brand identity, went down a step in size in 2016 with the introduction of the Due-collection.

It is interesting to see that even many, more complicated, watches also went down in diameter, increasing there wearability. There is now a greater appreciation for not only smaller Replica Watch but also thinner watches.

Most prominent in this is Bulgari Replica, who spearheaded this movement with their Octo Finissimo collection. Other brands also go for smaller and thinner watches, such as Cartier with the Santos Dumont, which was introduced early last year.

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