The Luxury Replica 5235/50R is the latest version of the 5235, which saw the light in 2012 and was the very first regulator-style wristwatch that Patek Philippe has ever made. This means that the hours and seconds are located on a subdial of their own, while the minute hand is mounted in the middle of the main dial.

The calendar functions are indicated through three windows, for day, date and month, spaced out in such a way that the dial has a symmetrical layout. This plays a key role in making this watch so visually attractive.

Another aspect that contributes to this is the colors that Patek Philippe Replica Watches chooses for the dial; the black and anthracite give it a distinct appearance and offer a beautiful contrast to the rose gold case.

The appeal of the 5235/50R can not only be found in its unique complication or distinct dial, but also in its movement, which is visible to the see-through caseback. Caliber 31-260 REF QA is crafted with great care and dedication. It consists of 313 parts and offers a power reserve of 48 hours.

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