The New Jaeger-LeCoultre Luxury Replica Watches,A Rare Delight

What looks like a tennis-bracelet with a twist is one of the most exquisite copy watches in the world. While it’s diamond setting is impressive, it is what is hidden that makes this creation so exceptional.

Underneath the diamond-set leaf, there is a small dial telling the time most discreetly. In most cases, such a tiny fake watch is powered by a quartz movement, but not this Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The Luxury replica watch is made up out of two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds, set in white gold. The dial is hidden underneath a leaf-shaped cover, which is also set with colorless brilliant-cut diamonds.

This makes it that the watch indeed wears very much like a bracelet. A crown is absent on the side of the case, but that is because caliber 101 is a so-called ‘back-winder.’ This means that the crown is positioned at the back of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica watch, against the wrist; An elegant solution for a more than elegant watch.

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