Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Tourbillon Replica Watch Edition

This year, the Replica Audemars Piguet brand takes its latest and controversial creation and donates a unique bitonal model, the Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked Watch 2019.

And it is a version of this model that Audemars Piguet presents to the Luxury Replica Watches 2019, with the great difference of resorting for the first time in the collection, to a bitonal box made of white gold and rose gold.

The octagonal center ring stands out with a warm pink gold. The rest of the parts of the complex case, the Swiss Fake Watches ultra-thin round bezel, the sculptural handles and the bottom of the case, are made of white gold, creating an interesting contrast between the different parts.

The 2948 caliber of fully skeletonized manual ski lift is delicately recessed with delicate curves that reveal the internal parts of this mechanism. Following the two-tone theme, most of the movement is rhodium-plated, with the bridges of the tourbillon and the kite in rose gold.

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