The new Luxury Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Wild Customs represent as few the fusion concept of the innovative Swiss firm. Not only play with materials and finishes but fuse two universes that a priori have little to do; watchmaking and electric guitars.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Wild Customs will be issued in two versions that differ from each other by the material used in its box; aged titanium or blackened bronze. Everything else is common between the two models and the main identifying factor of these Swiss Fake Watch is the engraving of their boxes, bevel included.

The engraving of the 45 mm box of these Classic follows the same source of inspiration as the “relic” technique of many instruments associated with rock music, such as the bezel or art deco skulls. Hublot specifies much inspiration in this artistic trend and mentions in particular the famous lobby of the New York Empire State Building.

In the center of the bottom of the Swiss Fake Hublot Classic Fusion an electric guitar and the “Wild Customs” logo are played. In the perimeter of this fund we also find engraved the individual number of these limited editions.

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