Panerai Luminor Marina 8-Day Power Reserve Left Hand PAM796 Watch

The new Panerai PAM796 Luminor Marina 8-day power reserve left hand is a mix of some qualities that Panerai Replica Watches has pursued – because it is left-handed (the crown on the left side of the case) Luminor has an 8-day power reserve. The watch also features Panerai’s unique and often sought-after sandwich dial with a long retro-brown brass baton pointer and a sub-second hand dial at 3 o’clock. The brand is no stranger to the left-hander watch or the 8-day power reserve, but the PAM796 features a new internal movement P.5001 and an 8-day power reserve indicator on the rear sapphire bottom cover. The PAM796 also features 300 meters of water resistance and a 44mm polished steel case with a black leather strap that matches the dial.

While this is not the first time Panerai has offered a left-hand watch with an extra long power reserve (see, for example, the PAM579 actual operation or PAM368), they currently do not offer this precisely configured model. I think the final selling point of this piece is sports. Panerai Replica pointed out that P.5001 “is completely executed by Panerai” and is a direct descendant of the Neuchâtel P.200x series of movements; those who want to buy the technology will find PAM796 a good candidate. By. Personally, I also think that the left wrist is very comfortable when worn on the left wrist. The iconic Luminor crown guard assembly is unique and appeals to the production line itself, but may give the potential wearer some comfort. Turning the crown over to the left side of the case should be completely relieved.

In the end, I found that PAM796 represents a suitable, if not the expected, step in the development of Panerai. The good thing is that they have reduced their (especially left-handed), eight-day sports entrance cost to less than $7,000, and they have already exceeded $10,000. This may appeal to those who wish to purchase the Italian Frogmen heritage for the first time, or just a combination of features, styles and prices they are waiting for. On the other hand, I think this is an expected move, because in the end, it is another retro-style Luminor with complex features that we know they can already do. I would love to see Cheap Panerai Replica Watches launch a new case style and start designing some “new” traditions for future owners.

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